Cut/Blend & Style With Extensions - LIVE ZOOM (January 16th, 2022 1pm-4pm)

Learn how to perfect the blend of extensions like a pro with our Live Cut/Blend & Styling with Extensions Course!


Have you ever had a client go from a drastically short cut to long extensions and you're like " do I make this work seamlessly?" Don't sweat it - we got you covered! We will have you cutting/blending extensions like a pro in no time with our live how-to on Sunday January 16, 2022 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.


Cutting & Blending extensions is an essential part of an extension service, to ensure that your client leaves with a seamless look - we want the " is she even wearing extensions?" factor! Follow along with owner, Miranda Furtado, as she guides you through effortless tips on how to create a perfect blend for different client situations! This class will cover two live model cut/blends plus learn how to re-create Love's In The Hair's famous Glam Waves and Beach Waves!


- Intro to cutting/blending techniques and tools needed

- 1 Live cut/blend of extensions on model with short/thick/blunt hair naturally 

- 1 Live cut/blend of extensions on model with lots of layers/average hair texture naturally

- Tips and Tricks of different cut/blend techniques to achieve certain looks

- A complete rundown of what extensions methods work best for certain hairstyles 

- 1 Live on model styling : Beach Waves

- 1 Live on model styling : Glam Waves

- Insider Love's In The Hair tips on how we do what we do!



- Black Label Hair Razor (blade not included due to shipping safety protocols) 

- Black Label Alligator Clips (pack of 4) 

- Black Label Pin Curl Clips (pack of 4)

- Black Label After-Photo Boar Bristle Pro Brush

- Black Label Professional Carbon Fibre Anti-Static Metal-Tail Comb

- 1 Mini Color Wow Shine Spray

- 1 Mini Colour Wow Style On Steroids

- 1 Mini Colour Wow Strong Hold Hairspray

- Love's In The Hair Cut/Blend Certificate (digital copy emailed after course is complete)

* note: kits will be mailed out one week before the class*



- Just yourself and a notepad :)

*Courses and Kits are final sale - non refundable